Best forex broker in kenya

Best forex broker in kenya

Picking the best forex broker in Kenya is like hunting for the perfect nyama choma spot: it’s gotta meet your tastes, offer value for your money, and leave you feeling satisfied with your choice. The forex scene in Kenya has been bubbling with activity, and thanks to the Capital Markets Authority (CMA) stepping in to regulate the space, traders can now engage with more confidence than before. Here’s a breakdown of some top picks to consider when looking for a forex broker in Kenya, ensuring you get a good deal without getting burned.

Eagle Global Markets (EGM) Securities

  • Why It’s Hot: EGM Securities, operating under the brand FXPesa, was the first broker to receive a license from the CMA. They’ve set the bar with a user-friendly platform, competitive spreads, and a commitment to educating their clients. They’re like the wise sage of forex brokers, guiding both newbies and seasoned traders.
  • Cool Features: Offers both MetaTrader 4 and its proprietary platform, FXPesa. Plus, their educational resources are top-notch, perfect for getting your feet wet.

Scope Markets

  • What’s Good: Known for its robust trading platforms and comprehensive educational programs, Scope Markets steps up to the plate with a solid offering for Kenyan traders. They’ve got a partnership with the local football club, AFC Leopards, highlighting their commitment to the Kenyan market.
  • Standout Points: Access to both MT4 and MT5 platforms, along with a variety of account types tailored to different trader needs.

Exinity Group

  • The Scoop: Operating under the brand FXTM, Exinity is a well-respected name in the forex world. They’re like the cool, knowledgeable friend who knows a lot about forex and isn’t shy to share. Their global presence and regulatory compliance in various jurisdictions make them a trustworthy choice.
  • Perks: Offers a wide range of trading instruments, educational resources, and trading tools. Plus, their customer service is quite responsive.


  • Why Consider Them: With multiple awards under its belt, HotForex offers a comprehensive trading environment for all levels of traders. They’re like the all-rounder athlete who excels in every sport.
  • Key Features: Provides various account types, competitive spreads, and access to both MT4 and MT5. Their educational and research tools are also pretty helpful for making informed decisions.


  • The Lowdown: Although not regulated by the CMA, Pepperstone is worth mentioning for its reputation, low spreads, and speedy execution. It’s like the international student who brings a new flavor to the local mix.
  • What Makes Them Stand Out: Renowned for its low trading costs and fast execution speeds. Offers a range of platforms including MT4, MT5, and cTrader.

Making the Choice

Selecting the best forex broker in Kenya comes down to a few key considerations:

  • Regulation: Preferably choose one regulated by the CMA for added security.
  • Trading Platforms: Whether it’s MT4, MT5, or a proprietary platform, make sure it suits your trading style.
  • Educational Resources: Especially crucial if you’re new to the forex game.
  • Customer Service: Because nobody likes being left on read, especially when money is involved.
  • Spreads and Fees: Keep an eye on these to ensure they don’t eat too much into your profits.

Before you leap, do a deep dive into reviews, test out their customer service, and maybe start with a demo account to get a feel for the platform. Like any good relationship, finding the right forex broker is about compatibility, trust, and shared goals. Happy trading!

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