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Today’s article presents a detailed analysis of a renowned trading broker, Hankotrade. We will talk about this broker’s offerings and the quality of services it delivers to its clients.

Hankotrade Overview

Hankotrade, founded in 2018, stands out as an online forex and CFD broker extending its trading services globally. It swiftly garnered a strong reputation among traders. The broker owes its popularity to a combination of various account types, adaptable trading conditions, and outstanding customer support.

Providing a diverse array of trading instruments—ranging from forex and commodities to indices and cryptocurrencies—Hankotrade ensures accessibility through the widely-used MetaTrader4 (MT4) and MetaTrader5 (MT5) trading platforms.

Hankotrade Trading Catalog

Hankotrade offers a broad array of trading opportunities. With a catalog of over 60 currency pairs covering major, minor, and exotic options, traders have the flexibility to explore diverse markets. Additionally, Hankotrade provides access to 11 major international stocks, allowing traders to enhance portfolio diversification.

The platform also extends support for trading precious metals like gold and silver, which are considered safe-haven assets during market volatility. Moreover, traders can also explore energy resources and popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, all of which have witnessed a notable surge in popularity in recent times.

Hankotrade Trading Accounts

Hankotrade presents a range of five distinct trading account types tailored to accommodate traders with varying levels of experience. These encompass a demo account, an STP account, an ECN account, an ECN Plus account, and a swap-free Islamic account.

Demo Account

Designed as a stepping stone for beginners, the demo account allows novices to practice trading without the risks associated with real money. Even seasoned traders can utilize it to refine their strategies without the pressure of financial consequences.

1.  STP Account

The STP account requires a modest $10 deposit and features spreads starting from 0.7 pips without any associated commissions.

2. ECN Account

With a minimum deposit of $100, the ECN account distinguishes itself with zero spreads and a nominal commission of $2 per side per $100K traded.

3. ECN Plus Account

For a more competitive alternative, the ECN Plus account mandates a $1,000 deposit. It provides zero spreads similar to the ECN account but with an even lower commission of $1 per side per $100K traded, positioning Hankotrade as one of the brokers with the lowest commissions in the Forex market.

4. Islamic Account

Hankotrade caters to Muslim traders with a swap-free Islamic account, allowing adherence to religious principles by avoiding interest charges on overnight positions.

Leverage Provided on Trading Accounts

Leverage on Trading Accounts is a potent tool provided by Hankotrade, offering traders the capability to control positions that surpass their actual account balance. This substantial leverage, reaching up to 1:500, is a game-changer in the trading arena.

Hankotrade Bonus and Commission Programs

1. 100% Sign Up Bonus

Hankotrade introduces an enticing 100% Bonus Program, providing clients with an opportunity to receive additional trading funds. The primary objective of this program is to increase traders’ capital and equip them with extra resources to navigate the financial markets effectively. Engaging in this initiative potentially allows traders to double their initial deposit, a significant advantage that enhances their trading volume and potential profits.

To participate in the 100% Bonus Program, follow these steps:

  1. Open an account with Hankotrade Broker and complete the registration process.
  2. Deposit a qualifying amount of at least $100 into your trading account, as specified by the broker.
  3. Familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions of the bonus program to ensure eligibility.
  4. nce the qualifying deposit is made, the bonus amount will be credited to your trading account.
  5. Commence trading with the bonus funds, utilizing them to open positions and seize market opportunities.

2.Introducing the Broker Bonus Program

Hankotrade Broker extends an additional income opportunity through its referral commission program, known as “Introducing Forex Broker.” This initiative allows clients to earn extra income by introducing new traders to the platform, essentially rewarding them for helping expand the broker’s client base and promoting its services.

To take part in the referral commission program, follow these steps:

  1. Access your Hankotrade Broker account and locate the referral section or dashboard.
  2. Retrieve your exclusive referral link or code, supplied by the broker.
  3. Distribute the referral link or code to friends, acquaintances, or those interested in trading.
  4. Earn a referral commission when someone registers using your link or code and fulfills the program’s criteria.
  5. The commission you accrue will be deposited into your trading account or a designated commission account, depending on the broker’s guidelines.
  6. Monitor your referral commission earnings via the referral section or dashboard in your Hankotrade Broker account.

This way, you can not only benefit from your trading but also earn additional income by introducing others to the Hankotrade platform.

Please ensure to thoroughly review the terms of these programs to comprehend the precise conditions and limitations of the programs mentioned above.

Hankotrade’s Reputation

Hankotrade has garnered a robust reputation in the market for being one of the lowest commission Forex brokers. Moreover, the broker has been widely praised for its quick processing of withdrawals.

Hankotrade Customer Reviews

Hankotrade boasts a solid track record in financial trading, establishing itself as a reliable and trustworthy broker over the years. This reputation is further confirmed by positive feedback from real traders on various review platforms. Take a moment to peruse these visuals showcasing the satisfaction of Hankotrade customers who have appreciated the service provided.

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Hankotrade Reviews on BrokersView

Hankotrade Swift Withdrawals

One of the major features of Hankotrade, widely appreciated by its clients, is its instant withdrawal processing. Hankotrade clients have praised it for sending money within a couple of hours. The following is the screenshot of withdrawal emails shared by real traders of Hankotrade. These images are a strong testament to Hankotrade’s legitimacy and its commitment to providing top-notch services.

Proof of Hankotrade Withdrawals (Shared By Real Clients)

Hankotrade Broker Review: Winding Up!


Hankotrade has earned the trust of thousands of traders across the globe. The broker’s various account types, low deposit requirements, and commitment to providing excellent services have helped plenty of traders navigate their trading careers smoothly in the rough trading environment.

Visit the broker’s website today to avail yourself of the chance to get a headstart on your trading journey with Hankotrade –the reliable and trustworthy trading partner.

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